Modular by design, the MAVAM Steam provides baristas with instant access to endless steam, always within reach.

The Powerful 5L Boiler Unit sits under counter leaving a clean uncluttered bar. A Cool Touch wand ensures baristas hands are safe even during a rush.

When paired with the MM Super Auto the Mavam Steam creates a streamlined flow of service with a distinct low profile aesthetic.


If All You Need Is Steam...

The Mavam Steam has proven its self over the years as a stand alone work horse. It delivers reliable, plentiful steam day in, day out.


  • Cool Touch Steam Wands

    Vacuum insulated, cool to touch steam wands

  • Easy Spin Milk Tip

    The steam tips have 5 holes, 4 of them in pairs at opposing 30 degree angles and one straight on in the center, creating a perfect vortex for consistent microfoam

  • Modular Design

    Access endless steam anywhere on bar

  • Build in Pitcher Rinser

    Integrated Spin Jet pitcher rinser and drip tray

  • Warranty

    12 months


  • electrical

    • Voltage: 208-240V
    • Current: 17A
    • Wattage: 3938W
  • Interface

    9" l x 14" d x 9" h

  • Boiler Unit

    16" l x 18" d x 13" h

  • Boiler Capacity

    5 Liters

  • Infinity Wand Interface

    Available for an even smaller footprint. Trade out the pitcher rinser for more counter space.

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