MM Super Auto


The MM Super Auto represents the next evolution of espresso innovation and design. Patent pending temperature precision, dual grinders and one touch under counter automation that is anything but traditional.

The MM gives the barista the all the controls of dialing in traditional on counter set ups have, but with the ability to grind, dose, and extract at the touch of a button.

With a programmable Hot Water Tap, your drink flow gets even faster.

Pair with the Mavam Steam to create the ultimate, low profile espresso program.


Super Auto Is Misleading.

The MM exists in a realm all its own. Somewhere in between a traditional espresso set up and a fully Super Auto; it delivers the control and precision the specialty barista needs with the speed and repeatability a busy cafe craves.


  • Coffee with One Touch

    Dial in two espresso options + hot water on demand

  • Dual Grinders

    Features dual 65mm flat burr sets for consistently accurate dosing

  • 58mm Heated Brew Chamber

    Replicates traditional portafilter basket size and maintains temp stability for optimal extraction (Patent pending)

  • Fully Volumetric with Adjustable Pre-Infusion

    Produces an espresso shot every 20-30 Seconds


  • electrical

    • Voltage: 208-240V
    • Current: 17A
    • Wattage: 4000W
  • Interface

    9in L x 14in D x 9in H

  • Boiler Unit

    19.65in L x 20in D x 24.5in H

  • Pump Unit

    5in L x 11in D x 8in H

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