MT Hot Water Tower


The latest hot water towers from Marco the MT4 and MT8 are a budget friendly, on counter hot water solution.

With a stainless-steel casing, minimal countertop footprint, and Insulated boiler for energy-efficiency; these are designed to provide hot water on demand suitable for most any commercial need.

The temperature display is large and easy to read. The use of a manual tap makes for easy use and less maintenance.

The M4 is great for less volume and the M8 is recommended for situations demanding larger amounts of hot water on demand. Both models are available in 120v and 220v.


  • Easy to use tap

    A classic tap handle design make for easy, low maintenance dispensing of water.

  • Compact Footprint

    Both the M4 and M8 are only 8" wide and 17" deep so they are great for fitting onto most counters.

  • Simple user interface

    The digital display shows temp that is easy to see. Programming is easy to access, minimal, and simple.

  • Continuous hot water on demand

    Once the boiler is full and at temp the system will maintain the volume and temp even under a long rush.


  • dimensions

    • Width: 17in
    • Height: 18.5in
    • Depth: 8in
    • Weight: 20lbs
  • electrical

    • Voltage: 120 or 220

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