Marco has made a name for themselves with their Under Counter hot water and dispensing systems but that success comes out of the designs they made with their on-counter hot water systems like the PB10 listed here.

Fully refurbished with a new brain board and dispense valve. The Pre-Owned Marco PB10 hot water tower has been fully cleaned, descaled, and tested. At $1400 new you are getting a 30% discount by picking this up for $950. A great price for a great machine in great condition.

The PB10 is a 10-liter push button dispense atmospheric water boiler. It features a push-button option for easy use in self-service environments such as offices and convenience stores.



  • Bright LCD Screen

    Easy to read LCD screen displaying live temp reading

  • Electronic Control

    Adjustable temp, dispense time/volume, alerts

  • High Volume Output

    156 cups per hour / 7.3 gallons output per hour


  • dimensions

    • Width: 14in
    • Height: 26.5in
    • Depth: 8.25in
    • Weight: 32lbs
  • electrical

    • Voltage: 220V
    • Current: 13A
    • Wattage: 2800W
  • Warranty

    KL5 coffee offers a 6 month limited parts and labor warranty (outside nyc region no warranty applies, but we will assist by phone/email as best is possible.)

Support Documents

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