Smart Pitcher - Plant Based

Perfect Moose

The Perfect Moose Auto-Steamer only works in combination with Smart Pitchers. You are able to create a recipe to control the style of foam (Thin to Thick) and the temperature so that every time you us that pitcher your milk or milk alternative comes out the perfect and the same. Each pitcher's RFID tag contains all the information Perfect Moose needs to start steaming according to a preset recipe.

You program, the pitcher remembers, and the Perfect Moose executes.

White for dairy. Green for plant-based. Black for (chocolate) mixes. Sizes available: 35ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml (100ml on for Epic)

Milk Steaming Simplified

Perfect Moose will not replace your barista. Any more so than any other pieced of coffee equipment advancement has. The Perfect Moose Auto Steamer is more akin to the AV functionality on your espresso machine. It frees up your baristas focus during that process to get the drinks out and give customers more attention. The barista still needs to know how best to set the machine for the ideal milk for the drink and still needs the skill to top off milk drinks with fantastic latte art.

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