R Nine One


Quality meets technology with the Rocket Espresso R Nine One. Built with the utmost in home espresso in-mind, the R Nine One builds from the design of Rocket Espresso's commercial brethren with a saturated group, stainless brew and service boilers, and programmable dosing. The R Nine One adds to this formidable foundation with both manual and programmable pressure profiling—giving you 5 profiles for any coffee recipe imaginable. Profiles are set through the R Nine One's color touchscreen, or by hand with the group-mounted control knob. Other class-leading features include power scheduling to preheat your machine before use, PID controller temp management, and a full-stainless case and frame. If you're looking for the next step in Italian espresso machines, the R Nine One is hard to beat.



  • Dual Boilers

    Both 1.9-liter brew and 3.6-liter steam boilers feature stainless steel construction and boiler insulation for excellent temperature management.

  • Saturated Group

    A fully-circulated water path keeps the group head temp-synced with the brew boiler, bringing added consistency to your shots.

  • Pressure Profiling

    Design shot profiles for long pre-infusions or declining pressure—and anything in between. The R Nine One can be programmed for 5 pressure profiles or used manually

  • PID Controller

    Electronic control over temperature provides easy adjustments for different coffees and intrashot stability.

  • Volumetric Dosing

    Program shot length by the milliliter for each pressure profile.

  • Auto-on Timer

    Set your R Nine One to wake up before you do! Program up to 2 heat cycles every day of the week.

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel

    A full-stainless case, frame, and portafilters bring a sturdy build—and a premium look—to your kitchen or bar setup.

  • Warranty

    3 years


  • dimensions

    • Width: 20in
    • Height: 17in
    • Depth: 16.25in
    • Weight: 112lbs
  • electrical

    • Voltage: 120V
    • Current: 13A
    • Wattage: 1600W
  • Programmability

    Temperature, PID, Profiles, Pre-infusion, Shot Time, Milk Temperature

  • Case Material

    Polished Stainless Steel

  • Boiler Volume

    1.9 L Brew | 3.6 L Steam

  • Reservoir Size

    2.5 L

  • Portafilter Size


  • Boiler Design

    Double Boiler

  • Water Sources Convertible

    Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in

  • Auto On


  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma


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