Corner Edge Tamp Mat

Barista Basics

The best way to keep your countertops looking shiny and new is to use one of these simple rubber tamp mats. The soft yet durable rubber build of our tamper mat creates a safety barrier between you, your portafilter, your tamper, and your working surface allowing you to safely apply extreme pressures without marring or damaging counters.

These new tamping mats feature a firm yet cushioned work surface and a raised edge to help keep those pesky coffee grounds pinned to the mat allowing you to maintain a cleaner workspace.


Great Accessories

The Barista Basics line of products provides every barista (home or commercial) with accessories needed for proper flow on the bar.


  • dimensions

    • Width: 6in
    • Height: 2in
    • Depth: 8.25in
    • Weight: 1lbs

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