Mozzafiato V


Revitalize your morning ritual with the hand crafted quality and modern Milanese design of the Mozzafiato Timer Type V Espresso Machine. This breathtaking instrument uses an E61 brewhead with heat-exchange insulated boiler, forming a seamlessly clean design ethos by way of its drip tray-masked PID controller and mirrored shot timer.

Easily reproduce your favorite flavors with consistency, as softly pre-infused espresso is created with simultaneous brew and steam ability. Heat management has been made equally autonomous by way of electronic PID controller for maintaining temperatures. Aptly topped with a sizable cup warming station, the Mozzafiato Timer Type V features slim siding and unassuming front fascia making it the ideal fit to any at-home bar or kitchen locale.



  • Handmade

    Assembled by hand just outside of Milan, Italy

  • Shot Timer

    A space efficient shot timer increases functionality without downplaying the machines’ retro design.

  • PID Controller

    Placed behind the drip tray, this PID controller replaces the pressurestat of other machine and offers more stable temperatures in the steam boiler.

  • Heat-exchange Boiler

    Brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously for a smoother diffusion of crema and foamed milk; most ideal for latte art creation.

  • Large Reserve

    1.8 liters of boiler space provides you with more than enough capacity for the pressure of creating multiple drinks in a row.

  • Three-way Solenoid

    Rinse and backflush your machine without any worry of premature release of cleaning solution or leakage.


  • group count


  • dimensions

    • Width: 16.5in
    • Height: 15.75in
    • Depth: 11in
    • Weight: 60lbs
  • electrical

    • Voltage: 120V
    • Current: 10A
    • Wattage: 1200W
  • Boiler Capacity

    1.8 L

  • Warranty

    3 years

  • Programmability


  • Case Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Boiler Material


  • Reservoir Size

    2.5 L

  • Portafilter Size


  • Warm Up: Brew Time

    20 minutes

  • Warm Up: Steam Time

    30 minutes

  • Boiler Design

    Heat Exchanger

  • Water Sources

    Reservoir/Internal Tank

  • Auto Shut Off/On


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