La Marzocco Linea 3PB AV (2016)

La Marzocco

Here is your next espresso machine. This 2016, fully refurbished La Marzocco Linea 3PB AV is ready to get back to work!

This machine was taken off bar at the beginning of the pandemic and ended up here when it was time for it to get back in the business of making great espressos. Fully descaled boilers, plenty of new parts, fully tested, and calibrated.

Will have with 3 new portfilters, either bottomless or spouted. New owners choice.

Comes with all connection lines, drain hose, pump/motor, baskets, and a steam pitcher. If used within the NYC area, KL5 Coffee will offer a 6 Month Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.

A great machine at a great price.


If you have been into a NYC cafe or coffee house then you have probably seen a La Marzocco espresso machine on the counter. La Marzocco has become synonymous with specialty coffee. And with good reason. Take a look through the line up of some of the best espresso machines available to NYC.

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