Coffeetool Grouphead Brush


A clean machine means clean coffee. Coffeetool is the smarter way to clean your espresso machine group heads and prevent the build up of rancid oils. Unlike other group head brushes, our patented design features an ergonomic handle and unique water deflector fins to keep scalding hot water from reaching your hand while cleaning the espresso machine group head.



  • Replaceable Bristle Inserts

    Save money and resources! Why throw away the whole handle just because the bristles have worn out?

  • Steam Wand Vent Hole Cleaner

    Keeps vent holes clear of mineral deposits and milk residue, ensuring proper aeration of milk

  • Detergent Dosing Spoon

    Doses the appropriate amount of backflush detergent


  • dimensions

    • Width: 9in
    • Height: 2in
    • Depth: 1in
    • Weight: 0.05lbs
  • Always move the Coffeetool in a clockwise motion when brushing grinds and debris from the group head to avoid loosening the Coffeetool bristle head insert

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