Mozzafiato R (Rotary)


A combination of classic design and modern technology, the Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione R ushers in the next generation of high end home espresso machines. From a distance, the classic polished steel case and large E61 group resemble espresso machines made since the '60s. But on closer inspection, the Mozzafiato's modern side panels and carefully concealed digital components reveal its modern-classic pedigree. Temperature control is managed by a PID controller mounted behind the drip tray, ensuring quiet, efficient operation. Other niceties include a low-profile shot timer mounted in the front face, an insulated boiler, and optional plumbing thanks to an internal rotary pump.



  • Hand-Made

    Meticulously Crafted in Milan, each Rocket machine is a unique piece of espresso artwork.

  • Integrated Timer

    A case-fit timer lets you check your shot time automatically.

  • PID Temp Management

    Boiler temperature is monitored electronically with a PID controller and SSR combo.

  • Heat-Exchanger

    Brew water temp is managed passively, enabling brewing and steaming simultaneously.

  • Plumbable

    An in-case rotary pump offers quieter operation and enables plumbing from your home water line.

  • Insulated Boiler

    Boiler insulation makes for better heat retention and less wasted power.

  • Warranty

    3 years


  • dimensions

    • Width: 16.75in
    • Height: 15.75in
    • Depth: 11in
    • Weight: 60lbs
  • electrical

    • Voltage: 120V
    • Current: 10A
    • Wattage: 1200W
  • Programmability


  • Case Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Boiler Volume

    1.8 L

  • Reservoir Size

    2.5 L

  • Portafilter Size


  • Warm Up

    Brew Time 20 minutes

  • Boiler Design

    Heat Exchanger

  • Water Sources Convertible

    Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in

  • Auto On/Off


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